Why do you need a speaker? What is your event celebrating or trying to accomplish? Let’s discuss Tim’s signature keynote or concentrate his breakout session/workshop to the specific outcome you’re looking for.

Then, let’s chat and discuss your goals for the event:

Instant message
(or) text/call: 615-962-3959
email: tim@timehooper.com

Let’s discuss your budget. While the corporate rate Tim charges is $2,500 per keynote/breakout session/workshop, Tim


ravel additional over 100 miles. Packages available for retreats and corporate events (multiple days or weekends). Terms: 50% @ booking; final 50% @ satisfaction of igniting your teams’ energy. Let’s chat and discover your needs.



The results speak for themselves. Team members leave with energy ignited through:

  • adjusted perspective and mindset,
  • taking extreme ownership of life and career goals, and
  • welcoming accountability.

With this energizing blueprint, team members become more productive, harmony in the organization improves and we get to watch bottom lines increase!

My commitment is to give  you and your team my all. I want to build a relationship with you and your organization. Let me earn your referral.

If you’re a start-up business, charity or nonprofit, I believe in you and know you’ll refer me to other business owners & organizational leaders in your circle. Let’s chat and find a way to work together.

igniting energy…tim

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