Story of “Got Energy?”

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.” – James Allen

The Story Behind “Got Energy?” …


At age sixteen, a respected mentor and one of my heroes asked me this question, “What is your greatest life lesson up to this point?” I thought about it for a minute, and while there were many blessings to reflect on, the often negative home environment I grew up in caused me to answer, “Keeping a positive attitude no matter what!”

Little did I know a few months later, a bullet would claim my oldest brother’s life and set me on a course to test the strength of this lesson.

tim_hooper_energy_motivational_speaker_tennessee_time4energyWhen I left home at eighteen and joined the workforce out of high-school, my motto was, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might!” Now, I got called the “energy-guy,” and having very low self-confidence, it embarrassed me greatly. I wasn’t trying to outdo anyone. All I knew was we worked hard on a farm for $0/hour, and now I worked in a decent environment with paid vacation and other benefits for $9/hour. It literally felt like vacation!

Now, I could have been called worse; luckily, “energy-guy” and “energizer-bunny” stuck.

The mentality of Monday’s drag-in, Wednesday’s hump-day celebration, and Friday’s “TGIF” was understandable to me; however, it was also very telling of the burnout and lack of fulfillment many Americans experience in their workplaces – 70 percent to be exact.

img_0856I was determined to encourage my coworkers by launching an “Employee Engagement Initiative” around our core values. Blessed with a career whose leaders believed in personal growth, our CEO, Jeff Turner, brought in business coach, Andy Bailey. I drank this coaching up.

In 2013, after an awakening moment in my life, I sat and wrote an email to my brother. It was more than an email. It was an idea – a vision – that had whirled around in my mind and finally found its way onto paper. Basically stated, I would invest in teams across the world igniting energy in people to flow back into their workplaces. Work can be fun. Life can be lived abundantly, full of vitality and daily passion – energetically!

20170701_135455Mom named me after grandpa, Edgar Smith. I love my Grandpa! For some reason, people snicker when they hear my middle name is Edgar. I snicker, too. It’s just an ancient-sounding name with an FBI sort-of ring to it. Well, since people read my social platform and email names as “time” instead of “tim” … “e,” I decided we’d go with the brand “time.” That’s right. There’s no time to waste! The time to fully engage life and the time to tap into your greatest potential – the time for energy – is now! So, in 2013, Time4Energy was born.

20170716_135312In 2014 I decided to get serious about writing an employee’s handbook on energy. So, I printed off a picture of a “mock” cover placing it on my dream-board, my office door and my key-ring. It was in front of me and I began jotting notes each night, emailing myself ideas and thoughts as they developed and even audio recording myself during runs when an epiphany would occur …

Well, now that the goal was written down and I was visualizing it, heaven and earth started moving on my behalf. Andy would encourage me to write, and a publisher visited Nashville with a workshop that I attended. Couple more seeds planted – a lot more germination happening.

image_20170208_103723Funny thing was, the more I studied, the more misconceptions I realized I had about energy. Energy doesn’t always mean faster, louder, bigger. I began learning some very basic, underlying truths, and as I implemented these in every arena of life, things changed.

My marriage got better, my community involvement got better, my entire spiritual well-being was revived. I was promoted three times and ended up hiring and coaching fellow sales team members. This was what mattered to me – sharing basic truth, seeing personal energy ignited in people and watching lives change!

Energy4Life Coaching began in 2016 and officially launched in January of 2017. Life engagement isn’t even a question when people tap into their energy reserves. Extreme focus and energy ownership champion my basic formula to getting the right things done and moving your life forward.

Keynoting took off in 2016 and not only allowed me to watch a vision become reality, but also captured more of my heart when I heard the stories of transformation and healing in lives and workplaces!

Seeing the demand among my clients for a book and following the guidance of my mentors, I put the finishing touches on the stack of un-edited pages of manuscript and headed back to my publisher in March of 2017. We signed a book deal for, “Got Energy?…3 Musts to Igniting Your Passion” and are in final editing and pre-ordering stages!

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“Thank you for being my client and sharing the powerful message of energy! Please leave us your feedback and refer your family and friends so they can benefit as well! BOOM!” … Tim


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