Writing Your Book

“Not only did I learn a great deal about energy, attraction, positivity, abundance and passionate, vibrant living, I learned so much about myself – about making peace with my past, plans for my future and fully thriving, engaging and living today. I get to offer you the same opportunity!” … Tim

Your Book:

What’s your story? Would you like to write it or enlist my help? Your book idea is worth sharing and there are people waiting to gain your insight and lives you can touch. Take the first step. Sign up here for a home study course and access to the PABGR Bootcamp that I attended. Take the second step today and email me with your book idea and let’s discuss.

My publisher:

Gerry Roberts and his team are phenomenal. He not only helps you publish your book, he personally coaches you to hone your skills as a speaker and coach. Read more about Gerry here and feel his heart for people: http://publishabookandgrowrich.com/

What I get to offer you:

As one of  Black Card Books’ published authors, I get to offer you the same amazing home study course and workshop I attended. Sign up here you: http://ads.publishabookandgrowrich.com/SH1s

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