A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot! – Joe Vitale

Energy Coaching:

Tim designed his Energy4Life coaching platform to energetically charge forward achieving results in your life and business. Sharpen your focus doing the right activities. Increase and fortify your personal energy levels and be the aware, abundant and attractive leader/manager your team needs. The “3 Musts” are the pillars to more energy, more fullness, more focus and more awareness in your life!

Clients Hire Tim for:

  • Increased and fortified personal energy – signature mapping system.
  • Mindset and life-vision enhancement.
  • Sounding board and innovative goal setting.
  • Extreme ownership of life – results driven.
  • Accountability resource.
  • Extension of themselves for team accountability enhancement.
  • Resources of keynotes, workbooks, and personal access.
  • See what current clients are saying.

His executive-level clients enjoy his innovation in planning, simplistic and focused approach to getting the right things done, and the extension of themselves that Tim becomes encouraging and promoting forward action. Many know what to do; “doing” often presents the challenge.

He books an initial one-on-one session, and then enrolls clients into the best fitting platform:

  • Monthly coaching session (BASIC).
  • Bi-monthly coaching sessions and regular check-ins (PLUS).

Take Action – Time is Now:

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“The successful warrior is an average man with laser-like focus!”
– Bruce Lee