“Welcome to Time4Energy! Connect so that you can ignite that inner spark of passion for life! Remember Ferdinand Foch’s words that, ‘the most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire!'” … Tim

Banner“I Wish I Had More Energy!”

Have you ever thought this? Well kudos to you! See, you want more out of life, and you realize we all have tremendous potential – more than we ever thought possible. We have amazing dreams, hopes, ideas and even well-written plans for a better life.

We have TONS of motivation around us, too: a stack of half-read books, free online courses, YouTube motivational videos, favorite quotes and hundreds of pins on Pinterest. You know “what” to do; the challenge is finding the energy to actually go “do”.

Feeling Drained?

You’re not alone. More than 13 billion in annual Monster and Red bull sales confirm we live in a worn-out, overwhelmed and stressed society; not to mention other sweet drinks – or, coffee!

Information-overload and constant technology swindle our time and energy. Statistics show our focus is hitting lower levels than ever before. Forbes confirms 70% of employees are simply disengaged. Team members attest their energy is drained.

“Passionately Engaging Life Starts with Personal Energy!”

Energy is life! Your energy level dictates how fully awakened you are to life, your family, your kids, your occupation and any other arena. Passionately engaging life is a daily challenge and choice. We have tremendous potential; yet, mediocrity pulls on us to level off – to coast. Imagine having fun in life:

  • Understanding your value, uniqueness and purpose – living in this peace,
  • Operating with an ownership mentality – knowing exactly where you’re going,
  • Learning to welcome and embrace the incredible resource of accountability,
  • Passionately living with a heart full of love and enthusiasm for life, and
  • Attracting team members, referral partners, clients, friends and family members through ignited and daily renewable energy – a place of abundance.

Ignite Your Energy!

Tim’s book “Got Energy?” and Signature Keynote powerfully map out a 3-step, practical approach to igniting energy and increasing enthusiasm in your life. Tim’s a professional speaker, author and coach. He’s passionate about investing in your team:

  • Attraction of abundant living,
  • Enthusiastically engaging life, and
  • Maximizing personal energy!

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