“I want to inspire people; I want someone to look at me and say, ‘because of you, I kept going!'” … Tim

Early Years…

2 suitcasesBorn in Eschenbach, Germany, Tim’s family had a military background and he grew up on a farm in Bavaria, north of Munich. Number seven of fourteen siblings, Tim’s a relater and values relationships. Through several major life events in his teenage years, he found himself moving to the US in 2006 with as much as he could pack in two  suitcases …


Mountain bike“I remember using my father-in-law’s bicycle to get to and from work,” Tim recalled. They remodeled homes together and Tim learned woodworking his first year living in Iowa. In 2007, Tim saved and bought his first car (Cutlass Sierra, Oldsmobile), married his sweetheart, Jennifer Dawn, and moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee.



With a high-school diploma and a car that ran (sometimes pushed), Tim worked three jobs while he and Jen started out in a 1-bedroom apartment sharing a cell phone and a lot of love. Giving 200% each day, Tim recalls never asking for a raise. “The promotions came one after another until I was able to drop the other jobs and focus on one organization.”

Tim and Jen started a family with no debt and were blessed with four precious kiddos.
Tim attributes a “Can-Do” Attitude, Coachability and Work Ethic to his success of growing from shop floor laborer at 18 years old making $9 an hour to managing the purchasing department and later leading in sales at 27. “I’m grateful and very blessed,” Tim says. “A lot of good people and mentors have invested in me; looking back, there are literally too many God-moments to count!”

Working with one organization for 10 years, Tim led employee engagement initiatives, book clubs, and championed building strong supplier and client relationships. Coaching the sales team and coworkers became personally fulfilling to Tim.

PinesolFrom day one, whistling while cleaning company restrooms, people would call him “the energy guy!” 10 years later, leaving the manufacturing industry to launch Time4Energy, his clients stated the same – “we’ll miss your energy and whistle walking into our lobby.”

Education and Life Now …

Tim attended Liberty University for two years and finishes his degree at Middle Tennessee State University majoring in Mass Communication – Public Relations, with a minor in Business Administration.

Tim’s a passionate husband and father. He enjoys reading, writing, influencing business and volunteering. He races competitively and has a personal record of a 19 minute 5K (3.1 miles). His goal is 18 minutes in 2017 and a marathon in every state by age 40.

Socially …

Tim-hooper-motivational-speaker-energy-ownershipTim is a member of the Rutherford Chamber of Commerce, runs competitively and for charity as a St. Jude’s Hero, is an active member of his church, mentors inner-city kids, speaks to school kids on life ownership, and has helped on several political campaigns. Tim promotes health in his community and says he’s “dedicated to positively changing the world by turning up the light …”

Professionally …

Tim’s a speaker, author and coach at his organization, Time4Energy. His passion is igniting energy and inspiring enthusiasm in people serious about the joy and abundance experienced with increasing engagement, ownership and passion for life!

Bullet Points …

  • Ten years with one organization growing from manufacturing floor to leading sales team.
  • Four years of research and author of “Got Energy?”
  • Coaching sales teams and executive level clients.
  • Karrass School of Negotiating and Accounting at Liberty University.
  • Earning bachelor’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University (Public Relations and Business Admin).
  • Travelling 48 states and five countries.
  • Competitive runner and St. Jude’s hero.
  • Community leader and mentor to inner-city kids seven years.
  • Husband to his wife Jennifer, and dad to their four kiddos.


615-962-3959 | TIM@TIMEHOOPER.COM