Got Energy? … Thank You For Your Feedback!

OK friends, I’m so pumped! 😀 Your support and love has overwhelmed me! Thank you for joining me on this journey!

ALL of the comments, shares, messages and phone calls have been exciting and heartfelt! The support for both book covers was temendous with the right leading the duo.

While I love the crazy running shot, my passion’s inspiring people (running or not). I love believing in people, offering hope and igniting personal energy, inner fullness and power! Energy is definitely not reserved for select hyper individuals…lol.

In fact, an inner fullness and controlled power is what we’re discussing. Yes, energy can juice you, and the goose bumps can get you jumping up and down – even whoop, whooping a time or two 😁👊💥 The thumbs-up picture conveys this message.

Now, the energized team photo definitely has a strong message as well! I speak to teams. I love seeing engagement and ownership increased as a result. So, that cover will be held for the Got Energy workbook. 😎

You all, again, are wonderful! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Feel free to comment and share. 👍😀💪

igniting energy…tim

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Got Energy, TimEHooper

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