Passionately engaging life and occupation starts with personal energy!

Increased energy and enthusiasm allow you and your team to
achieve personal fullness and live abundantly,
build and bolster an attractive organizational culture, &
create raving fans in your family, team members and clients!

How’s your team’s engagement?

Engaging life more deeply and fully is a daily challenge we all choose to accept or avoid. We have tremendous potential; yet, mediocrity calls us to level off – to coast. Imagine your team
operating with extreme ownership mentality (turning their career into their calling),
welcoming and embracing the untapped resource of accountability,
possessing the same fire and passion they brought their first day, &
attracting more team members, referral partners and clients through increased energy and enthusiasm!

One powerful keynote can ignite your team’s energy and increase engagement!

More than 13 billion in annual Monster and Red bull sales confirm we live in a worn-out, overwhelmed and stressed society; not to mention other sweet drinks – or, coffee! Information-overload and constant technology swindle our time and energy. Statistics show our focus is hitting lower levels than ever before. Forbes confirms 70% of employees are simply disengaged. Team members attest their energy is drained.

Tim’s keynote powerfully maps out a 3-step, practical approach to increasing personal energy! He defines energy’s advantage in life and the market, and he compels audiences to unleash their potential by fully engaging life and finding meaning greater than themselves!

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