“Igniting positive energy in our world allows cultures, communities and countries to thrive. Energy is a basic human and universal need. It’s our goal to share the message of abundant life and vitality globally.” … Tim

Cover “Got Energy?” Book Launch:

Will you cover “Got Energy?” book launch? This transformational message – igniting energy for abundant, passionate, healthy living for people and organizations across the world – is so timely!

 At a time when Forbes confirms 70% of employees feel disengaged, and statistics show attention spans and focus levels are lower than ever before, we’re helping people reclaim awareness and focus on full, abundant life.

Science Daily and other sources report declining global health; yet, we can work together to change these statistics! “Got Energy?” teaches the huge advantage of consistent healthy living, and shows the advantage it gives your vitality and energy! Fully engaging life and fortifying vitality starts with understanding personal energy.

Tim speaks across the country, aligning with energized leaders to inspire their businesses & the masses! He would love to join you on your TV show, radio program or podcast to share the message with your audience.

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“Will you share with publicists and leaders in your influence? Thanks in advance!” … Tim


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