“Thank you for taking the time to send us your testimonial! Funny thing about speaking and inspiring; you get inspired right back! Keep being the light.” … Tim

“Awesome job and great stories.  Thank you for joining us and speaking to the team.  Each one of them benefited.  Let’s connect and stay in touch!” – Shannon Y.

“Thanks again for the enthusiasm and passion!  You have great voice projection, and stage presence, and I look forward to watching your future success!” – Stacy B.

“I have heard Tim speak several times and his energy and motivational spirit is consuming! If you need to be motivated, Tim Hooper is the man to call to speak to your group or organization. He is one of a kind for sure!” – Myra S.

“Tim spoke at our event to a group of 500. He was passionate about our cause. His heart was evident and our people were moved. His energy was contagious to say the least! Thanks!”- Jennifer H.

“You inspired me! Your optimism and enthusiasm are contagious!” – Mike N.

“My friend, professional coach, accountability partner and prayer warrior has a new book. Gotta buy it, hope you do too!” – Ray S.

“Tim is a motivating and high performing coach. He knows when and how to challenge you, and when its time to show compassion.He can see the bigger picture. His enthusiasm in itself is captivating and inspiring. Tim’s coaching has changed my life for the better forever” – Jay L.

“Have you ever heard of an Energy Coach? Meet my friend Tim Hooper.” – Rod K.

“So glad that Travis and I found you, Tim! I’m thankful for the time you invested in Travis, and that he in turn invested back into our family.” – Brittany T.

“Your motivation has kept me going! I love following you now and staying inspired!” – Molly M.

“You have an upbeat attitude and great outlook! I appreciate all your energy you put in! Without you & your persevering personality, I would not be working here!” – Shannon C.

“I have worked with Tim in business and as volunteers, and he gives 110% at whatever he is doing. He is extremely passionate about anything that he gets involved with and has more energy than anyone else I’ve been around. The main thing that I’ve enjoyed about Tim is his positivity. He is second to none and inspires me greatly in this realm. He is always fun and high energy and will inspire you and your team.” – Joel P

“I worked with Tim for almost two years; during that time, he was always able to make my day brighter. I feel confident and humbled when saying that I’ve never met anyone as positive, motivated and inspiring as him in my life. He has an impressive work ethic, professional attitude and insightful advice based on his own life experiences. Whatever life brings his way, he will surely overcome and master it. It was a pleasure, Tim.” – Rachel C.

“So blessed to call you friend!! Thank you for always encouraging and speaking life to me (and to everyone)! You make a difference, and I love watching you inspire and energize everyone around you!” – Jenny

“Timspiration is what has been a part of keeping me going every morning! Love your motivational posts! So much fun, too.” – Rita

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