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living fully. loving deeply.


igniting your internal
power to wholly &
for those you
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attend an Energy4Life WORKSHOP 

This transformational workshop will give you the limitless mindset, roadmap to success, and keys to personal energy, power and passion you’re longing for in life!

Get ready to believe in the amazing value of your dreams, add more consistency to make them a reality, and find more harmony in your relationships! The peace and joy of an abundant mindset are about to be yours. Coming to a city near you …

“Ignite your energy –  renew your life”


Send us your questions. We anonymously address these on our weekly Energy Zone show. Streamed live on Facebook and archived to YouTube.

We care and will address best sources of energy, how to overcome swindlers, dealing with stress, anxiety, overload, burnout and feeling drained.

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“When we maximize time we’re fully present in life,
we maximize our lives!”

Work/Life Balance … Why It’s A Mirage

Remember, work is life and life is work. Avoid looking to the mirage of balance between the two. Instead, be balanced by investing wholly while at work! Be whole and show up with fullness when it’s time. Then, go home, and be home, when it’s time. The question is...

Are You Clogging Your Team’s RAM?

Give your energy demands and those of your team a cleanup. Free up some random access memory (aka RAM). Start engaging everything with all of your might, but to do this, we'll have to eliminate the complexity that comes with uncertainty and procrastination. We have...

Energy vs. Motivation

What's the difference? Energy’s not motivation although they’re related. Motivation can getus going, but energy (our internal driver) will keep us going. Motivation’s external; energy’s internal. Motivation’s someone else’s fire; energy’s our fire – it’s internal....

OUr Sponsors 

Thank you to our sponsors who are fueling the global Energy4Life campaign. They believe, with us, that people can thrive and relationships can flourish professionally and personally. They are igniting energy and renewing lives!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much! – Helen Keller”



… to ignite personal energy and inspire genuine enthusiasm which adds crazy amounts of value with increased engagement every day in every department!

We fit with business cultures serious about interdependence, collaboration, diversity, leadership training and employee development.

Harmony and career satisfaction increase; burnout and turnover decrease.


Energy4Life Workshops are ideal for teams who want to operate at peak performance, experience relational harmony, and put more life in their time. People who attend Tim’s workshops often share they have more passion for their work, create unstoppable momentum and experience more peace along the way both professionally and personally.


Energy4Execs Coaching Partnership is ideal for C-suite executives and team managers who want to achieve more professional results while maintaining fulfillment in the rest of their lives. When leaders are energized fully, they inspire enthusiasm in their team and
realize a greater level of harmony, success, health and relational joy!


Energy4Sales DAFT AssesmentCustomized Playbooks and Coaching Packages are ideal for sales teams who want to truly own their sales process, achieve quota attainment on an every month basis and put consistentcy back into the sales process with accountability, rhythm and energy!


After a wakeup call as a 25-year-old, Tim launched Time4Energy in 2013 with the vision of igniting energy – a revival of deep joy and enthusiasm for passionately engaging life and the contribution we get to make through it!

Statistics tell us people are stressed, anxious and overwhelmed – burnout is high. People are saying, “I wish I had more energy.” And, in our technologically-advanced culture, we’re plugged in – constantly being drained.

We all wish for a tad more energy. Deep down, we all want to maximize our potential and have an impact in the years of our life. We want to live, but not just live. We want to enjoy the experience of feeling fully awakened to life! People want to thrive!

We teach what real energy is and how to channel this thriving power!

The executives and sales teams we coach, corporations we speak for, individuals attending our workshops, those who live with us in our communities, and people across our world have this one thing in common – we want to thrive! We want to have our needs met, meet the needs of others, love, be at peace and add value in our world.

When our internal power – our energy – is ignited to live fully and love deeply, we thrive! Realizing the universal longing for more energy and passionately living every day to the fullest, Tim’s book, Got Energy? authentically shares life experiences, research, ideas and best practices on improving personal energy.

Our speakers conduct workshops teaching the 3 Musts of Energy, and our clients share experiencing healing, hope and a reawakening to joy. The message of energy is rich, it’s powerful, and needed today more than ever before!

Do you want to feel energized on a daily basis, waking up giddy and charging in to make a difference every day? Do you want to increase your potential, improve your performance, and ignite your passion for life and career?

We can help.


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