Comfort is good, but not all the time! Comfort won’t change us; it won’t grow us! Getting out of our comfort zones causes us to explore & find new ideas, solutions & yes, rewards. 

So much growth & good is possible if we’ll simply move beyond our comfort zones!

Our brains were created (hardwired) to find safety & comfort. Getting out of our comfort zone often yeilds a “kicking & screaming” reaction!

Verbally affirming what we’re doing is going to grow & better us is a great way to recarve habits of excellence in our minds. Tell yourself, “I look forward to this growth!” Reaffirm, “There is so much good that can happen if I’ll just stretch a little!”

MTSU spring semester starts today. A lot of “getting out of our comfort zones” for a lot of students! I say, “Way to go!”

Reading a book is often not easy to focus on. Getting up early, jumping up to the next set of dumbbells, or adding to the number of prospect calls each day doesn’t always come natural!

There are wonderful things beyond the comfort zone! Let’s get out brains OK with the comfortless zone! Massive energy happens in this zone!

igniting energy…tim