Have you ever experienced tremendous wobble and shake in your car’s steering wheel while driving? Or maybe a bouncing feel of the entire vehicle? My buddy’s truck used to vibrate so badly his coffee would slosh in the cup holder! Obviously, in these cases, the tires needed some attention and overall balance of the vehicle was off. What about that ride that was so smooth you almost didn’t realize you were going as fast as you were? Thankful for the quick glance at the speedometer to (hopefully) correct this amazingly smooth high speed before peaking the hill in the road to discover the public servant’s patrol car waiting in the median to help correct it.

We as humans are not entirely different. For life to run effectively, for this manufacturing plant (the body) to produce the most energy, for us to truly thrive, we have to look at life as a whole of our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual makeups. We tend to look at these aspects as separate entities instead of realizing these interact simultaneously all the time; they are intertwined and compliment each other.

A quick search of the Internet for “The Dimensions of Wellness,” or the all famous “Wheel of Life” will give greater insight into what many famous psychologists, medical professionals, and scientists have discovered. I’d highly encourage you evaluate where you stand in each area so you can set smart goals to achieve life balance. YOU can become that smooth, efficient, shiny red Mustang flying down the…started day dreaming there. Hey, we don’t have to wait on the government’s next “cash for clunkers” program. If we want better balance, we can start right now. That’s right, stand up and to get active, pace the floor while you finish reading this blog and you’re already on your way…BOOM!

Last post we talked about finding our energy producing gift, or talent (aka life passion) and offering that to the world. We have talked about getting active; we have talked about taking action right now! What ties staying active and fulfilling life’s purpose together? Balance. Balance is so crucial and not only ties these together, it is the vehicle for maximum energy! If you don’t believe this, consider the hundred jumps it took to make the TIME4ENERGY logo possible. If nothing else, this is where energy and balance intersect!

Seriously though, part of whole life wellness is the mental aspect. It takes mental clarity to turn desire into reality. Napoleon Hill states,The first of the six steps for transforming desire into reality is the formation of a definite, practical plan through which this transformation may be made...” Our mental well being, the thoughts and ideas that we allow our subconscious to muse on, our imagination and our beliefs will decide who we become, for desire alone cannot activate the muscles until the point of decision is made. Then, persistence (mental toughness) continues propelling the body in the direction it must go to achieve the desire.

What you think, you become. James Allen says it perfectly, Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results; bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results. We understand this law in the natural world, and work with it; but few understand it in the mental and moral world—although its operation there is just as simple and undeviating—and they, therefore, do not cooperate with it.” Too often, instead of exhibiting mental clarity by setting goals and moving forward in the areas we can control, we complain about or explain away our situation. Our mental wellness, in this case, is clouded.

Zig Ziglar motivated folks to be meaningful specifics, yet many live as wandering generalities. It’s easy to go mindlessly through life doing only what’s required to live. Many get up each morning with lack of definite purpose, rush out the door to go build someone’s dream, and then rush here, rush there, and never consider what life purpose is or take the time to paint their own future. You are blessed if you do exactly what you want to be doing in your career, however, a majority of people feel “stuck” in their job. The need for financial security causes us, so often, to trade all fulfillment and wholeness with the bank of “Maybe One Day.” How do you not feel stuck? How do you find purpose and meaning? Change your mindset!

I’ve seen coworkers chase the “raise”, never chasing the kaizen (continual improvement), or self development that would have leveraged them ten times greater than what a “raise” could ever bring. While leaving for a better job opportunity may align you more to your life purpose (or you move geographically) we see job-hopping permeating a generation. It’s easy to blame an employer or supervisor, while the responsibility to grow yourself and better your environment is never accepted. The vicious cycle of comparing, workplace gossip and looking for “greener grass” holds so many bound to the money chase.

Instead, start working on mental well being. Grow your mind, your imagination, your outlook. Write down thoughts of what you’d like to do in life, make a dream board, read books, and then start planning. Plan on becoming better at work and shrink lifestyles now, if need be, to save to achieve those goals. Double blessing here as you’ll probably end up getting a raise for bettering yourself professionally as well as having more from budgeting and saving 🙂 The plan itself does not have to be perfect as you’ll refine this as you go along. It is the process – the process that betters us. Yes! And now, as you’re working toward the goals you’ve set, you’ll often find your mental clarity so focused, and the impulses your mind gives your body are packed with energy! Yes, not only will you feel more bounce in your step at work, physically, your emotional well being starts to improve because, baby, we’re going places!

Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual richness are priceless. Whether it’s simply reading a leadership book, having a positive uplifting attitude, or spending quiet time in meditation and prayer, strengthening each area compounds so greatly over a lifetime. Couple that with a work ethic that finds purpose in anything you put your hand to, and before long, you’ll be a leading your field! The cream always rises to the top!

Physical wellness stimulates mental clarity, awakens the spiritual “muscles”, and promotes emotional stability as your endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine kick into high gear. This is not hearsay; its scientific. Some leave off physical well being completely and try to develop all other aspects, while some leave off spiritual and emotional well being to literally live at the gym pumping heavy iron. Don’t get me wrong, these guys have a motivational affect on me to workout my puny arms, but the idea that we can divorce ourselves from certain aspects of our wholeness will not allow us to thrive!

Here’s the deal. We are human beings and thus, the mental and physical aspects are the easiest to comprehend. I’ve found when I daily work on physical wellness, the rest are easier to find. You cannot get out of your skin. Your physical frame holds all else, and yet too often, we allow societal norms (tobacco use, overeating, eating fast food versus whole foods, pulling all-nighters, etc) to provide a false comfort that we’re ok because “everyone else is doing it.” Instead, we have to contemplate and think critically about what’s happening. Start mentally and decide to better your physical state!

A good friend of mine wrote me recently telling me of a 50 pound transformation she’s achieved in just a year and half! Like a favorite quote states, she just “woke up one morning and decided she didn’t want to feel like that anymore, or ever again,” so she changed, just like that! She attests to the fact that running is beautiful and it wipes her emotional and mental slate clean every day. In turn, she’s craving healthy food (fuel), and her family has come around her in support, and her focus and love of others and faith in God has never been stronger! I’m so proud of her, and am encouraged to keep living balanced. We are all lights to those around us! I encourage you to find physical balance through some sort of activity whether it’s running, walking, playing with the kids, high-intensity sport, or something that will get your heart pumping every day.

We discussed the mental and physical while only touching on the other aspects of wholeness. We will discuss deeper in later posts. In conclusion, we all are like snowflakes. Every single snowflake is different, similar in size and shape, but different. So, what is your unique passion/calling? Find what you love to do and do as much of it as possible, remembering that balance is a must. You cannot solely live on emotions. Romeo and Juliet proved that didn’t turn out too good for either one of them. Or the business owner whose mental energy was buried in business and hiring people while his physical frame and family fell apart. The very powerhouse that produced energy at one point became so cluttered and inefficient because of an imbalanced life. The law of diminishing returns set in!

So, as you find your energy in your life passion, let the dream of optimal performance and the reality of a life long powerhouse of energy motivate you to establishing a good life balance! When balanced, you’ll find enormous energy to perform your calling with the hum of a well oiled machine.

I love being labeled as Tigger (huhuhuho) and I hope everybody I come in contact with is motivated to find their energy; but remember, I’m one tiny snowflake and so are you. I’m begging you start today scribbling on a piece of paper (it doesn’t have to be fancy) what motivates and energizes you? Then, decide, right now, to do as much of your calling as you can while DAILY taking one small step mentally, one small step physically, one small step emotionally, and one small step spiritually.

Don’t over complicate it. Purposefully form small habits! You can add to them later. Watch your powerhouse of energy take off! Believe right now that you will go DO this and your on your way to producing your gift at top notch efficiency! Go to the mirror and look at the perfect creation of God standing there, and tell yourself that right now, right now, is your time for energy!

I believe in you!

igniting energy…tim