Quick thought on gratitude because that’s usually how it works.

Somebody does something nice and a grateful thought quickly passes through our minds.

We don’t always express it, or perhaps we don’t know how to express it. Maybe, thankfulness doesn’t come so naturally.

Consider our expecations of “the ideal shopping experience.” Maybe criticizing the weak points of service or finding fault comes easily and we’ve missed an opportunity to thank another human being like a waitress, a store clerk, etc.

If instead we’d nurture an attitude of gratitude and find something to be thankful for, we’d literally change the world. That’s the power of finding the good! You don’t have to, but what if you did. 

Wouldn’t a heartfelt “Thank You” mean the world to you? What about a handwritten note in the mail? Do it for someone else. Text someone right now. Be the source of love, encouragement and gratitude!

With technology, we have no excuse not to show hankfulfulness. Gratitude pent up inside is useless. So:

1) Express it through some medium like a text, handwritten note, phone call, Facebook post, lipstick on the mirror, etc!

2) Be specific in naming what it was someone did for you. 

3) Tell them how it impacted you and made you feel. 

4) Thank them sincerely.

Remeber, this is a choice. Nurture the attitude of gratitude, and form habits of thankful expression! Watch the energy explode when you choose to find good and express it!

igniting energy…tim