If we are to inspire the best in our team members, the first attitude of heart is caring. Caring enough to know what’s truly going on inside and helping our employees overcome, grow and succeed. Often, we throw the words, “I believe in you” around casually, and in some cases, these words are used to get people to accomplish company objectives.

Annette Simmons stated, “Genuine influence goes deeper than getting people to do what you want them to do. It means people pick up right where you left off because they believe.” Ask yourself this question, 

Does my life – who I am, what I do and the manner in which I do it – inspire belief. Would my team pick up right where I left off because they KNOW I believe in them?”  

Our stated belief only enters the neocortex of the brain. However, when we care enough to deeply know our people, this belief is felt! The beauty of deeply believing in people is our brains literally give emotions the upper hand. They are designed to do this. If we bark off commands, our commands never grace the emotional power of the limbic brain – the part in the back just above the spinal cord that feels. When we breathe belief, however, and give someone hope, we allow them to feel it in their soul. Truly believing in people sends a shock wave of emotional resonance within.

When we truly believe, we emotionally and powerfully inspire! 

Today, more than ever, people need someone to believe in them, and this belief is backed by care – caring enough to get to know them. In a technologically advanced world, the temptation is away from REAL connection. Mark this down.

Genuine care takes real connection. 

Everyone has a story, a background or some past hurt. This is life. Truly believing in them means embracing as beauty what we may see as brokenness. Some have overcome; others haven’t … yet. Our belief could be the very thing that changes their paradigm. Too often, in our motivational circles, we’re writing people off as either too negative, C-players or someone who won’t change.

Four of the most transformational words are, “I believe in you!” So, why do these words often float around lifelessly? No care to back them up. Stating these words in a genuine way means first having the heart attitude of caring enough to get to know your people professionally – and personally. Your genuine belief, especially in a young generation of employees, could be the defining moment of change in someone’s life!

Several have impacted my life in such a way. When I was a 12-year-old, my mom wrote me a note I’ve never forgotten. The red ink, white paper and shape of characters are banked in my memory. Her message of belief in me is etched on the walls of my soul. My piano teacher, Christa; first employer, Jeff; accountabuddy, Kevin; and many more come to mind.

Yet, have you ever been around the person that scrutinizes everybody? How’d they make you feel? Perhaps their own insecurities were being cast on you. These people compare, tear down and don’t make the time to empathize with others. On the other hand, there are those who believe the best in people. They make the time to get to know the good, bad and ugly and CHOOSE to believe the best in you, even when you yourself haven’t … yet.

Energizers master the art of finding the good side of everyone and building on that. McGinnis writes, “The people who like people and who believe that those they lead have the best of intentions will get the best from them.” Are you looking for strengths in people perhaps others have overlooked? Are you able to find the beauty in people? Can you help people articulate their gifts and inspire them to channel that creative energy into usefulness? 

When we truly believe in and care enough to know our people, even when others or they themselves don’t, we are performing the art of the Energizer! 

Energizers care. When analyzing the profound loyalty Col. Douglas MacArthur received from his men during World War I, William Manchester wrote in his book, American Ceaser, “ … he shared their discomforts and their danger and they adored him in return.” He showed his men that he truly and deeply cared for them! 

When your team KNOWS they’re deeply believed in and you care enough to know and love them, they will engage their hearts and emotions into your vision and truly pick up right where you leave off. 

Purpose today to live your life being a change agent for people by truly caring for them! As long as there is breath in our lungs, we can speak redemption and empowerment to those around us. Accept people for who they are and believe the best in them. See the best even when people themselves can’t see it, and back it up by caring enough to tell them what you see – you’ll change someone’s life.

Tim Hooper leads Time4Energy, LLC, a professional development firm, helping new CEOs and front line managers bridge the gaps between their vision and team energy. Tim worked 10 years for one corporation where his heart broke for the drag-in that happens on Monday morning. His book, Got Energy? is unconventionally restoring emotional connection between teams and their work.