What creative idea do you have that will change your world and the world of those you care about?

Do you believe you can change the world by changing YOUR world?

Does the proactivity of changing from the inside-out and working in YOUR center of influence excite you?

See, changing you is manageable and has huge ripple effects!

Believe you can and you’re half-way there; however, there’s still the other half. Unfortunately, we get bogged down here too often.

We were created with a desire to create. That’s right. From birth we’ve been busy putting things together: blocks, trains, Legos, ABCs, words, sentences, relationships, life, etc.

Figuring out how to put together our basic needs comes most naturally. The dreams of life, the passions of our hearts, our dream jobs, or better life conditions on the other hand somehow seem to evade our ability.

We’re curious about doing something. We think maybe the diet will help us, maybe going for a daily walk will increase our clarity, or perhaps prayer time will reach the hurting friend.

Our creativity kicks in and we start considering, ruminating and thinking. We put ideas together in our minds, we build the house in our minds, we start the diet in our minds, we make the career change in our minds, and then – we shelve the idea.

Couple reasons:

  • We get overwhelmed with all there is to do to achieve this goal.
  • We relive a past failure and fear facing the same failure again.
  • We’re afraid of what people will think.
  • We procrastinate because the urgency isn’t there.

Making the leap from creativity to actual creation is key! Like Mr. Incredible says, “It’s show time!” Take a step of faith.

You’ve planned, and you know you can make a difference! Like my son said, “Dad, I gonna build train.” A minute later, “Dad, I builded train.”

Do this! Comment on this post, or text a trusted friend:

“I’m going to create ____________!”

Say it. Say it over and over. Do it. Create it! Change the world!

Now, comment or text this, “I’m doing this _________ (small, maybe tiny action item) today!” World changers create by daily taking action no matter how small!

igniting energy…tim