Yesterday’s post was consistent and I can’t help believing its synonym is daily. Are your daily habits centered around your goals? This is the juice! This is taking it one day at a time!

Kenton is school administrator and good friend. When I first stepped into a gym October, 2013, I watched him running the treadmill for 45 minutes. Every day after, same time (except one day of rest), he was there running. He has run the Middle Half in Murfreesboro every year for several years. His daily actions keep him consistent with his goals.

Here’s the deal. We wake up and go to sleep daily (at least I hope we do). We eat everyday, we drink everyday (hopefully a majority of water), and the list goes on. These are close to mindless, like the order of putting on our socks and shoes.

To be consistent with our goals, a broken down achievable plan needs to be written. Nothing complicated. I remember once trying to find an app to handle finances. Turns out I got hung up with indecision that weeks went by with nothing measured.

If the plan is so bulky or too hard to come up with, chances are we’re overcomplicating and overperfecting the plan. Further, it most likely won’t fit into our daily routine.

Create a simple plan with achievable, impactful pieces that fit into your daily routine. Daily activity equals consistency and breeds energy! Instead of the dreaded, viscious cycle of unaccomplished goals, focus on simple daily actions aligned with your goals!

Rock your daily routine! Consistently crush your goals!

igniting energy…tim