I asked Annie, a fellow MTSU student, “What’s your dream job?” Not only is this a great conversation starter, you’ll be surprised by many of the answers.

The answers that require growth inspire me! Annie wants to be top level film director at Time Warner! Yes sir! The focus and passion she had in studying tells me she’s more than likely going to get there! I asked her not to forget me when she does.

Kudos to the faithful people working right now where they’re planted, even if it’s not their dream job! Contentment is a virtue! If you’re dreaming about something bigger, or you feel passionate about making a difference somewhere else, here are a couple considerations.

  • Love what you do now! Yes, love it! It’s more a mindset than anything else and the first thing to change before a career is ourselves – our mindsets.
  • Determine to bring 200% everyday and be a giver right now where you work.
  • Take small steps to learn all you can about your dream job.
  • Grow by doing a little something of your dream job (you’ll find out if it’s really your passion or just “greener-grass”). This may be after hours, on weekends, shadowing someone already doing this kind of work, etc.
  • Seek counsel from multiple trusted advisors in your life.

Take these small steps consistently and you’ll be amazed at what will happen. Your mindset will change to looking far down the road and small adjustments to life’s steering wheel now will get you to your destination.

I’ll bet Annie and you are working, no, pursuing your passion one day, soon!

igniting energy…tim

Photo credit: AMP