Perhaps you’ve been blamed for being Tigger – bouncing everywhere, happy-go-lucky, positive-positive-positive, super eccentric, etc. Or, on the other hand, maybe a Pooh Bear-like, super-focused pursuit of one thing excites you and a very methodical, steady manner depicts your life. So is there only one template for energy? Can some people possess more energy than others?

Perhaps different levels of energy can be exhibited; however, each of us have the same opportunities for manufacturing energy. Like a power plant, some run efficiently while others run less efficiently, but all have the same potential.

It’s amazing what the human body is capable of doing! Science proves that aerobic exercise produces a lot of energy; however, we cannot regulate energy to physical ability. While a physical illness or disability prevents someone from showing the outward signs of an energetic powerhouse, I have seen time and time again these dear souls outwit the rest of us with a superb mental energy! That’s right – mental energy! Take a child with Down Syndrome or another special need who willingly shares the biggest smile and warmest heart! The energy of this expression exudes from their very presence!

I’m flat footed and my knees used to bother me while running in high school, so I started bicycling everywhere, that’s right, everywhere. When I moved back to the US, I cycled to my first job interview, to Walmart, to the city square, and carried bags home on the handle bars from the grocery store. I loved bicycling. I cycled so that I’d have more energy. I didn’t know while doing it, but later learned that burning energy made more energy – pretty much summed up in the word metabolism. Physical exercise juices me; the question is, what juices you?

Some people run, some run really well, and some run so well it’s intimidating to the rest of us. In fact when I first considered taking running back up, I was intimidated just by showing up to a 5K. The fear of the unknown held me back: how to start, how to finish, timing chips, training, etc. It took someone like coach Rod Key, who didn’t shove a lifestyle or certain pace or expectation on me, but came alongside and encouraged me to run my own pace and fulfill the distance that works for me. That’s why to this day on an early morning, or late evening, or even mid-day at lunchtime, I’ll plan to grab a run. Running can get the energy going like crazy.

Consider, though, someone who doesn’t run. Maybe it’s swimming. Maybe it’s walking. Maybe it’s a trillion push-ups every morning like my Grandad. Maybe your energy, your passion, comes from being a mother, being a father, serving your country in uniform, being a community servant as a police officer or first responder, ministering or pastoring, building things, volunteering, being a nurse, musician, seamstress, and the list goes on. Maybe it’s giving a smile, preparing a meal, or running a business. These are gifts, life passions, and when performed with a life that’s kept in balance, they become our greatest units of energy!

I love people! I love encouraging and motivating! I love promoting the good in others and when I get to do this, whether it be kids, teens, or adults, I get so energized! It’s not boring or tiresome work. Sometimes it’s scary, but it is my energy! I don’t want to confuse this passion, this gift, this energy with an imbalanced life. Next blog will continue this thought, but for now, Dear Reader, ask yourself, “What is my energy producing, gift? What could I live so passionately about?” Dan Miller writes extensively on this and his blog or book, 48 Days To The Work You Love, would be super beneficial in finding your passion! Why, because the time for energy is NOW!

igniting energy…tim