Politeness is a great trait. It’s great for adults, too, not just young people. It’s refreshing to hear a “yes sir,” or “please, go ahead.” Men can still hold the door for a lady – chivalry is not dead.

However, the words we use so often define us and should be chosen carefully. “Excuse me” was a required phrase growing up and definitely has its place.

Have you noticed, though, that some of us can be among the nicest, most polite people and make some of the best excuses? “Excuse me” is so widely accepted, and making excuses has also become so widely accepted.

We live in a society where taking responsibility for one’s choices is no longer mandatory. We spend more time coming up with and giving a great excuse than the assignment would have taken to complete.

Instead of an excuse, how about owning that you didn’t get it done and committing to how and when you will.

We’re all busy, but if something is important to us, we’ll find a way. “I didn’t have time” is a common buzzphrase. Someone once said, “if you have time for TV, you have time.”
Eliminate excuses by taking ownership. There’s nothing wrong with owning you missed the mark. In fact, success starts with owning where you’ve missed the mark.

So, as we elimnate excuses,”I beg your pardon” and “I’m sorry” may be better, more intentional alternatives.

Let’s stop spending energy on excuse creation; instead, let’s make the switch from excuse making to ownership taking!

igniting energy…tim