How do you make people feel? When someone meets you, do you breathe life into them? Do you truly care for others? Do you listen, not for calculated response, but to truly listen to what they’re saying and how they’re feeling?

When our minds are in a state of uncertainty, fear, competition or comparison, we are not ready to offer hope and grace through encounters with others. 

However, we can get to the place where our faith is bolstered, our eye’s on the future, we compete with only ourselves and fear of others’ opinions doesn’t haunt us. This is freedom. This is where living to inspire happens!

Running this morning, the blooming flowers jumped out at me! They are blooming early due to the exceptionally warm winter we’ve had, and they just thrilled my spirit!

Flowers may just be one of the greatest expressions of grace and hope man has discovered. We buy and send millions of flowers for the happiest and saddest occasions in life.

Flowers give you feelings of love and hope! Flowers say so much yet never say a word. Couple things I stopped and considered on Maney Avenue this morning:

  • Flowers are open. They smile at all who walk by. They use open gestures and welcome people and tiny noses in.
  • Flowers are there. They are present. They don’t say anything at all, yet they say so much! 
  • Flowers are encouraging! Consistently giving off a feeling of springtime – a feeling of life!
  • Flowers are forgiving. They get trampled on, but they’re resilient and grow again with the same strength and dignity to offer encouragment once again.
  • Flowers are growing. Always soaking in watet, rooted in good soil, and drinking in the sunlight.They know without growth and nutishment, they’ll wither and cease being able to give.

The list can go on and on. Here’s the deal. People will forget what you did and what you said; but, something they’ll hang onto forever is how you made them feel! Be a flower and make people feel incredible about life!

igniting energy…tim