Is life a “bed of roses”? Is it free of struggles and challenges? Do we smile simply because it’s a popular thing to do? Do positive thoughts just happen on their own? 

Some may have a more “happy-go-lucky” disposition than others, but happiness and finding the good in life are clearly a choice.

Why make the choice? We’ve all met those who “got up on the wrong side of the bed.” I’ve jumped out on that side several times. It’s easy and often tempting to stay there; however, the long term isn’t worth it! Chances are we’re reacting to life instead of realizing its meaning.

Victor Frankl, Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, promoted the philosophy that happiness comes through finding life’s meaning in every situation.

Every morning looking in the mirror, it’s a choice to believe that YOUR life has significant meaning!  This belief produces positive energy! Your body will move to achieve what your mind chooses to believe. The choice to find the good – life’s meaning – kept Frankl alive in the horid concentration camps. If he could choose good there, how much more should we today!

Seize this day – right now! Breathe deeply! Start finding your meaning even in difficult, painful and challenging situations. Don’t react. Look for ways to do good. Make the daily choice to find the good!

igniting energy…tim