Just like focusing is difficult, finding good isn’t as easy as it sounds. Like the spec on my gym locker door, the 99 percent good pales as our eye focuses in on that one spec.

Think about it. That negative political post comes across the news feed and it’s so tempting to hit the share button. 

It’s easy to subscribe to negativity in the workplace. Coworkers are talking about the boss, so why not share your two-cents-worth?

The details of the couple breaking up often fly too quickly over the airwaves of Messenger, text and phone convetsations.

What ever happened to stopping and praying for someone? When’s the last time you CHOSE to overlook someone’s shortcomings and focus on everything they’re doing right? 

This is love. This is what Christ did for us. This is the awesome power in choosing to find the good!

This thinking would transform husband-wife, parent-child and employer-employee realtionships. The beauty is that as you choose to find the good in others, you’ll feel good and also realize the good in you. 

It’s going to take work. I challenge you to take out a piece of paper and write down everything  your spouse does right. Write down everything your boss does right. Write down everything your church does right. Write down everything your daughter or son does right. 

Don’t write anything but the good. Now, start praising the good. FOCUS on the good! Watch it expand! BOOM! This is the magic! This is the juice!

Nothing worthwhile comes easily. You have to choose to be a good finder. Work at it! Complaining and griping would cease if we chose to be good finders! Energy would increase enormously! Try it…

igniting energy…tim