Be kind! I vividly remember Mom’s frequent reminder – commandment is more like it! With five brothers, things could get ugly quickly. 

My idea of “kind” was to be kind of kind. As long as they showed kindness, I would reciprocate. 

However, the urban dictionary hits the definition spot on: “Kindness is doing something and not expecting anything in return…it implies kindness no matter what.”

Kindness stems from a belief in others. A deep love for our fellow man. It’s no surprise the apostle Paul says, “Love is kind.”

Kindness is an act that’s so freeing! Unlike my childhood understanding of the term, true kindness eliminates expectations! 

Like rays of sunshine energize the universe, unfettered kindness energizes the giver and receiver! Not kind of kind but whole-hearted kindness!

How different would our marriages be if we’d truly be kind? What would they say about us at our places of employment if we’d work with kindness in our hearts? Think of the difference and impact we’d make! 

Reach out a hand of true kindness this Valentine’s week. Be intentional with acts of kindness not expecting anything in return. Watch what happens…

igniting energy…tim