We all have superheroes in our lives. People on top of the world. People who make a difference in the world. People we look up to. People we follow!

Truth is, they are human just like the rest of us, and they’d admit they have areas of weakness in their lives. What keeps them focused on their life mission? How do they avoid the kryptonite that’s sure to cripple men and women of steel?

Being fortified with a plan, accountability, vision & energy will keep us operating in our strengths and pave the way to winning at life!

Plan: know the temptations exist & have a game plan for when they’re the strongest. Donuts? Coke? Old habit? Either avoid the place or replace the habit with a better option. Example: I’ve always enjoyed coffee in the evening, but as I get older, tea with honey is a much better choice!

Accountability: find someone who loves you deeply & wants to see you succeed in life. Someone willing to push you. Give them permission to offer advice & always welcome it! Check in with your successes; be brutally honest when you fail. They’ll help you build desires to avoid the pitfalls & stick to your goals.

Vision: the proverb goes, “Where there is no vision, the people perish…” Write a vision for your life. For start up businesses, writing a vision statement is imperative. It helps them navigate in uncertainty & stay focused on the plan! Isn’t YOUR life your business? Write your vision! Know what you do & why you do it! Reflect on this often!

Energy: keep energy high in your life. What’s putting a drag on your energy? Are you conserving your energy for priorities? Are you running life efficiently? Are you balanced for sustained energy? We’ll discuss these in depth in later posts. For now, what energizes you? When you identify this, do more of it! Avoid being stagnant in life. Stay in motion, build momentum, keep growing!

We all have areas of weakness – that dreaded kryptonite! Overcome by having a plan, being accountable, reflecting on life’s vision often & staying in motion – energized!
igniting energy…tim

Photo cred: prodality