Are there too many books on leadership? Why write another book on the subject? Why read one? You can Google “best leadership books” and get a plethora of experts’ titles: Maxwell, Covey, Collins, etc.

There are many levels of leadership and great authors have and will write wonderful resources we should dig into. Why? We’re all leaders! That’s right. Did you know the average person meets 80,000 people in a lifetime?

Put this astonishing platform aside for a moment and think about you. Self mastery, or leading myself, is the ultimate form of leadership! 

However, even those with poor character influence and lead others. Working with inner-city kids quickly proves that even the drug dealer is a leader. You name any life role, unless you’re the man on the moon, well, you’re still a leader!

Mom, dad, teacher, pastor, police officer, nurse, employer, employee, you name the role, and we can find at least a dozen in your influence of leadership.

In my favorite Book on leadership, Paul the apostle wrote, “Be an example,” and Solomon admonished, “Walk with wise men and you’ll be wise.” I like how a TIME magazine author said, “Leadership is not an image, it’s a quality!” Can people call you an example or a wise person?

Look at yourself in the mirror. Look past the image, and look at your heart! You are a leader! Who will you impact today? 

A small portion of 80,000 people are watching you! Will you let them down, or will you go the way and show the way?

igniting energy…tim