Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you know the story of the Valentine’s Day champion, Cupid, didn’t always portray an angelic, chubby child shooting golden arrows of love?

The Romans used the name Cupid to reinvent a Greek god, Eros. In myth, this man-like god would indeed shoot golden arrows of desire, but then he’d shoot leaden arrows of aversion to “play with people’s emotions.”

There’s a lot to any Greek myth, and often some traces of truth can be found.

The evidence is overwhelming that quite often, opposites attract. Oddly enough, these same opposite traits can drive people away from each other. We like their differences but, over time, start expecting the other person to change to be more like us.

There it is – Cupid playing with our emotions!

Whether we’re talking about our spouse, a boyfriend, girlfriend, family member or close friend, when we choose to truly love someone, we love them for the unique and wonderful creation they are.

I’m all for fairy-tale endings and believing and hoping for the best in any relationship. Ladies, I won’t admit this to a room full of guys, but I do enjoy a great Hallmark movie with my girl.

True love, though, is not really what we’ve come to refer to as “falling in love.” Yes, chemistry and sparks can and should happen, but love is a choice.

I choose to love you for who you are! Love is action. Love chooses to look at all that’s good and overlook what’s not.

Love will grow, build and promote the other! Love can’t hate! Love never tears someone down! True love is God-like; as in John 3:16, it’s unconditional.

True love ignites energy and fullness in your soul. Will you be among those who jump out of bed, not waiting for a feeling (or arrow) of love, but instead choosing to greet this day and everyday with love in your heart? 

I guarantee the feeling will follow the choice everytime!

igniting energy…tim