A mentor and motivational friend once challenged me with this thought, “You don’t have to, but what if you did?” What if you went the second mile? 

See, the first mile represents the requirements and expectations. Most will travel mile one. To get paid, to earn the degree, to have the family, you name it, the first mile has to be travelled.

The second mile is often less travelled. This is the zone of the “little extras!” This is where magic happens.

You planned the date before your wife asked and had the baby-sitter lined up. You went over and above on the work assignment adding value. You reached out to encourage your fellow students. You thanked the McDonald’s cashier for her smile. You volunteered to help in the community or through your church in some area.

These are simple examples of stuff no one requires, but this “stuff” is the little extra that creates the juice! We recently went to Michigan, and in the hotel room at night my fellow sales associates and I sent handwritten notes to our clients. No one required it, but think of their faces and the joy they’ll receive opening a heartfelt card!

My buddy and I shared coffee this morning and he shared how he adds a little encouraging quote to his field reps’ weekly priority sheets. He doesn’t have to, but he’s going the second mile!

Are you willing to be proactive and go the extra mile? What is one thing you could do today that is not required but could mean the world to somebody?

Do one little extra thing today and watch the energy happen! BOOM!

igniting energy…tim