Positive Vibes? Who needs vibes and why? This one word gives the hint that life has greater meaning than mere existence.

If life’s meaning was simply mere existence, then why not walk through it without a single thought of how you’re effecting others.

However, from the time of our creation, we were meant for connection. Connection to our mothers for a good while, then infancy, toddler, adolescent and so on. We were created for connection. Wouldn’t it make sense then to give off positive vibes?

Running by a construction site this morning, I heard the rap tap tap of hammers hard at work. Yet above the rhythm came a worker’s whistling. The dull landscape of a construction site popped to life by one man giving off positive vibes!

Some have been told all their lives that they’re a failure, or they’ve been made to feel like they have no value. 

Shake off the notion that you’re a failure or will never be good enough. Eliminate the need to prove yourself. You are a PERFECT creation of God and He longs for connection with you! People are longing for connection with you.

I’ve met those with a strong faith in God and the belief He created them with a divine purpose. Their decision not to squandor life but to live everyday in connection with Him and others gave them permanent joy. They emitted positive vibes! 

Positive vibes are like signals sent to the brain to mass produce energy! That’s right. You may be a CEO with vibes for thousands, or a construction worker with vibes for your crew. Connect and radiate positive vibes today!

igniting energy…tim