Has this argument ever occurred between your kids? Two of them want the one red bowl for breakfast. You step in and resolve the issue with an awesome orange bowl.

They didn’t think it was that awesome. The result was tears or a grumpy attitude. Maybe this same scenario has happened between adults over choice of restaurant or between students over a parking spot.

Life is full of changing expectations. Our minds tend to react with negative thoughts when these changes aren’t in our favor. These thoughts trigger reactions which affect our mood. Our mood sets the tone of our life.

Some negative thoughts are healthy like standing back from the clift’s edge, slowing down in the rain, etc.

However, shift quickly to the positive outcome. I’m slowing down and going to be safe. I’m staying a healthy distance from the edge so I can enjoy the gorgeous waterfall! 

With my kids, I make sure to acknowledge their pain but quickly point out the happiness they’re creating in their sibling and that “give and it shall be given” is an irrefutable, divine law. They’ll get a turn to use the red bowl. We then turn to discover the beauty of orange and talk about how all colors make life beautiful.

Coffee too sweet? It’s ok. Laugh! Someone cut you off in traffic? It’s ok. Smile. Someone yells at you? Bite your tongue. Smile. Let them know you hear them and appreciate their feedback.

It takes concentration and practice, but the great news is, YOU can choose positive thoughts when expectations change!

Positivity doesn’t start externally, it starts inside of you. Our brains are phenomenal! Billions of neurons are triggered simply evaluating a complex situation. 

We can intentionally stimulate these neurons with positive signals! Use your greatest asset – the brain – to work for you to look for the positives in everything!

Create positive signals no matter the situation! Watch your mindset change and become the generator of positive energy in your life!

igniting energy…tim

Credit: Dreamstime