While I wish both teams well today, the story of Nick Saban inspires!

A neighbor to Saban said he could set his alarm clock by the legendary coach. His daily morning ritual is consistent, not to mention chicken salad for lunch every day, because he doesn’t want to “waste time thinking about it!”

Crimson Tide head coach, Saban is consistent with the process. The process is his deep, inner belief that preparing on a “methodical, daily basis is key to success.”

He states, “It’s about committing yourself to being the best you can be on that particular day…improvement is a steady march and you have to be committed to it.”

Consistent preparation required to achieve the result you want! What’s my daily process? What’s YOUR daily process? Does it march you toward your goals?  Am I committed to consistent preparation?

One is a game; the other is our life. Are we winning at life?

igniting energy…tim 

photo cred: ESPN