Did you ever lose one small, specially-threaded screw in the assembly of some device? This screw was the key to the entire project. Small thing or big thing?

Similiarly, we miss big blessings in life by overlooking seemingly small things!

This morning a minor setback occured, and I almost missed taking in the sunrise while running. The sunrise! Think about this! Little thing, or huge splendid array of color that’s easy to overlook because my mind was preoccupied?

If we’re not careful, we’ll get so involved in a life venture or focused on a big goal that we overlook the small blessings taking place all around us!

One runner friend picks up pennies and even finds dimes along country roads. The pictured wrench also lay on the roadside. Noticed or not, they’re there.

Many have stressed over everything being perfect at the wedding, yet they missed many spectacular moments along the way. It’s a big day, yes! However, learn to laugh over the mess-ups and setbacks, and truly enjoy every hand-holding moment, dress fitting, flower selection, etc. 

Breathe in the experience! We were not created robots. Instead, we have sensory nerves, feelings and emotions.

Listen to your 6-year-old talk about how she learned addition in the tens’ column. Celebrate the capital, cursive “T” that your son proudly displays. Pick the wild flower when you’re out walking and tuck it in your wife’s hair.

Love the process. Do the work to grow yourself, but be content that you’re making progress! Stop to smell the roses from time to time!

Your energy is super-charged when your emotions get on board. Take in the beauty! Find joy and delight in the little things that really are huge!

igniting energy…tim