“Squirrel!” one of my kiddos shouts! He’s quickly joined at the front window by three others. Not to mention a parent (me) who’s determined to capture this Kodak moment! 

While this illustration created a fun memory, squirrels in life aren’t as funny. Squirrels of life manifest themselves through distractions be it technology, random ideas, you name it!

Working in manufacturing 10 years, we would light-heartedly say, “Squirrel!” in leadership meetings when someone jumped off topic. Like Dug’s collar in the Pixar movie, UP, life is full of squirrels, or exciting things that sound like “squirrel.”

Squirrels are after our energy like they’re after nuts! Staying focused on our goals and on the plan sustains our energy! Let’s identify a couple squirrels we can eliminate today!

igniting energy…tim