How do these three names relate? Well, President’s Day was this week and since we’re talking about world changers, it seemed fitting to feature a story containing this theme.

A story of small, consistent, even seemingly insignificant actions that had tremendous, world-changing impact.

I sat contemplating the other night as Jen tediously stitched the final beads on a bridal gown’s bodice.

“Small, consistent actions compound quickly and result in beauty,” I thought, admiring the sparkling beads.

BOOM! That’s when Betsy Ross came to mind. Not a president, yet she was working in her Center of Influence sewing flags for ships when George Washington approached her about a much needed standard for the patriots.

The History Channel reports that Congress had loosely designed the flag, but Ross finalized its brilliance (one of the reasons the stars have five points – not six).

Now, consider Mary Pickersgill who was inspired by Betsy Ross and sewed one of the largest star-spangled banners. Her flag was hoisted atop Fort McHenry where, just outside in the harbor, Francis Scott Key was held hostage aboard a British ship.

During the deadly bombardment of the fort that night in 1812, he watched Mary’s flag “galliantly streaming” as the cannons lit the sky. Deeply inspired,  he penned “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Think of the ball games, ceremonies and grand events you’ve heard opened with our glorious anthem. Did your heart swell up in reverence?

What are you doing today mother, teacher, pastor, doctor, nurse, police officer, business owner? Do the “thread and needles” seem insignificant at times? Don’t be weary in doing well; you’re bound to reap the rewards!

Consistent actions in your Center of Influence will compound greatly! Like Betsy Ross, imagine the enormous ripple effect your actions can have! Let this vision energize you today. Be a world changer!

igniting energy…tim