Superbowl 51 is here! Who are you rooting for? Patriots? Falcons?

Millions of people will watch two teams battle for this notable, American championship! Living in Germany, football wasn’t even a thing; well, it was – soccer!

Football is so interwoven into American culture and does a ton of good for young people, colleges, team spirit, charities, business, etc. Most Americans will make time to watch football!

We make time for the things that matter to us. Here’s the million dollar question. Do the things that matter to us hold eternal value? 

Last week I visited one of my inner-city kids. He was tossing his football vertically into the air and catching the return.”Junior,” I hollered, “right here!” Within 10 minutes, 20 kids were out playing with us. Simple example, but here were a group of kids just waiting for someone to take time for them!

Eternal value! That’s it! I want to make time in my life for people, for inspiring and encouraging others wherever I’m at. People are eternal beings, so making a difference for somebody is eternal work!

While rooting for your team this weekend, think about who you’re making the time in your life to root for? Eternal purpose stokes your inner energy – guaranteed! Boom!

igniting energy…tim