Seth Godin wrote the book Tribes, right? One another + a leader + an idea = a tribe. Question is, what group, leader & idea do you identify with? Tribes keep you energized & growing! Your tribe can either make or break your success with your goals.

Identify an idea your passionate about and join or start a tribe. Igniting energy is my passion! Inspiring people to see how valuable and amazing they are! Lighting that fire inside! So, my tribe is people wanting to be energized and high on life!

There’s the old proverb that says, “he that walketh with wise men shall be wise…” Who are you following? Are they challenging you to grow? Are they helping you reach your goals,  or pulling you down?

Find the right tribe; change your life. Tribes help you keep momentum going in your life. In her book, This Year I Will, M.J. Ryan states, “Find someone who’s doing what you want, and imitate them.” I’m more likely to run 3 miles everyday when my tribe is holding me to it. My tribe gives me power!

You become like those you follow. What’s your goal? Does your plan incorporate people reaching for the same?

igniting energy…tim