There was this “press-my-tummy” teddy bear I distinctly remember when my kiddos were just babies. It would sing, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy everyday…”

You know, there are clouds in the sky; but like a good pilot friend of mine says, “Report base…the sun’s shining above the clouds and gorgeous!”

We know the sun’s up there, yet how encouraged do we get seeing it break through the gloom of cloudiness or dreary weather!

Whose life is full of clouds right now? What if your text message, your phone call, or your visiting them is just the sunshine they so desperately need?

Everbody has struggles. Some are facing trials and tests stronger and longer than others. The fact of the matter is, when Mr.or Ms. Sunshine walks in with a sincere word of encouragment, a hug, or even just an encouraging smile, it can make the hurt or pain ease up just a little bit. It’s often just enough glimpse of sunshine to renew hope.

Think of three people needing a text or phone call today and spread the sunshine of love! Let someone say to you, “You are my sunshine…”

igniting energy…tim