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Energy4Execs Coaching Partnership

We work one-on-one with C-suite executives, team leaders and managers helping them achieve more professional results while maintaining fulfillment in the rest of their lives. When leaders are energized fully, they inspire enthusiasm in their team and realize a greater level of harmony and success!

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Leadership demands a lot; being out in front drains the best of us. Are you serious about finding fulfillment, connection and joy while leading? Do you want to know what makes your key people tick and inspire them to reach their goals with increased collaboration?

“Many of us know what to do for our health, relationships, teams, etc; finding the time, energy and focus often presents the challenge.” – Ray, Executive Client

We schedule an initial one-on-one meaningful conversation, and then customize 90-day coaching packages for those looking for the tremendous benefit of:

  • Ignited personal energy,
  • Inspired team enthusiasm with strategic collaboration tools,
  • Sounding board for your ideas, prioritization and implementation,
  • Customized daily accountability and tracking/reporting key metrics,
  • Regular face to face visits (2/month), and
  • Weekly check-ins (phone call/texts).


Executives working with us regularly report a dramatic increase in overall life satisfaction resulting in better relationships both at work and home, better work environments with higher performing teams, a dramatic decrease in stress, increased health, and finding more joy in life!

“My life is an indivisible whole, and all my activities run into one another … my life is my message.” – Ghandi


What’s the #1 reason clients hire Energy4Execs coaches? Our commitment to being your cheerleader through deep trust of being heard, cared for and loved! We become an extension of yourself inspiring, encouraging and supporting forward action.


Annual packages are available (typically selected by renewing clients). If you’re a first time client interested in partnering with us at this level, please contact us to discuss this discount. Also, be sure to request your free copy of Tim’s book (his gift to you).


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Request Your Customized Quotation
Standard pricing $1,500/QTR


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