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Energy4Sales Playbook

This initial, one-on-one Energy4Sales DAFT Assessment measures 245 data points over 58 strategic areas to gage performance levels helping you identify and prioritize growth so that you can realize quota attainment on an every month basis. Have you identified the gaps in your sales process?

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Our Energy4Sales Playbooks are ideal for B2B sales organizations who want to own their sales process, exceed revenue goals on an every month basis and put consistency back into the sales process with accountability, rhythm and energy!

“Passion pays! Passion pays in perpetuity! Make a difference and the dollars will follow is a principle we teach sales people. When you focus your energy on making a difference for your client – meeting their needs – they will naturally turn their spigot to your channel and they’ll hire the most heartfelt service every time!” 

Additionally, Our Energy4Sales Playbooks and Coaching Packages assist sales teams in implementing a repeatable sales-strategy playbook to produce predictable revenue results and measure leading indicators. We offer customized playbook creation and 90-day coaching packages to those sales organizations serious about:

  • Consistency in a strategic process built on a powerful system,
  • Accountability embraced by entire team,
  • Rhythms of sales round-tables, pipeline reviews, client touch systems, etc.,
  • Energy as sales professionals: prepared, confident, results-driven,
  • Sales process ownership as skilled professionals
  • Continual improvement and growth as a team in dynamic markets,
  • Core values lived and sold,
  • Real pipeline management, and
  • Relationship building mastery.

“Vulnerability is the ultimate form of accountability practiced by the ultimate form of
power – inner strength!”

Business owners and sales managers share their sales teams find more confidence personally and professionally, master relationship building and find more focus in the sales process executing the right activities.


Please take this brief DAFT Self Assessment to gage an initial point for the key areas we will cover together. Please plan for 3 hours of in depth discovery for the full DAFT Assessment. Also, ask about David’s book, Sales DAFTness: Stamping out daftness in the sales process one sales professional at a time! which releases in 2018 and is based on  humorous sales stories from his 30 + years of coaching in the field.


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Standard pricing $1,400 Assessment
Standard pricing $3,000 to $5,000 Playbooks
Standard pricing $3,800/QTR Coaching


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