“Got Energy? … 3 Musts to Igniting Your Passion!”

“Your energy level dictates how fully awakened you are to every dimension of your life, your family, your kids, your occupation and in every other arena.”

With personal stories, professional examples, inspiring illustrations and super-vulnerable openness, Tim gets in the trenches of life with you, formulating the Energizer’s Roadmap. After four years of research and referencing hundreds of resources, the result is a 6 x 9, 500-page, easy read with century-old richness and modern-day application!

“This book gives you the manual for life and leadership; hope and healing. It teaches three practical and powerful steps to living life fully awakened!”

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5 reviews for Got Energy?

  1. Tim Hooper

    “Energy is an economic driver of success. Tim is the definition of energy and how to funnel it for positive. Want to make a difference in your life and the life of others – read this book, take lots of notes and take action. Tim will lead you through a journey of personal discovery – get ready to add energy to your life!”
    Andy Bailey PETRA COACH, Four Decisions™ Certified

  2. Tim Hooper

    “The older that I get the more that I realize that my success is not about how well I manage my time and talents … it’s more about how I manage my energy and how I choose to direct that energy towards tasks that are the highest and best use of talents. Tim’s book offers a fresh look at building and sustaining energy that can change your life and all that come into your sphere of influence.”
    CEO 12 Stone Health, Shane Reeves, Pharm.D.

  3. Tim Hooper

    “50% or more of success has nothing to do with price, product, systems and processes. 50+% of success has to do with your attitude and energy. Tim Hooper’s book ‘Got Energy?’ will fast track you to achieving that often times elusive 50+%. Get your dose of calorie free energy – buy this book!”
    Jack Daly, Amazon and Forbes Best Selling Author

  4. Tim Hooper

    “Tim’s the most energetic person I’ve ever met. His constant smile and positive attitude are a nonstop inspiration. This book will fill you up and push you forward. Cars need to refuel. Phones need to recharge. People need to renew. I promise, Tim will help you get to 100%.”
    David Rendall, speaker and author of The Freak Factor
    [email protected]

  5. Tim Hooper

    “At the end of the day most people are selling commodities that can be gotten anywhere and sold by anybody. What’s hard to measure and what is clearly the differential for some is an INTANGIBLE. For Tim Hooper that intangible has always been his energy and mindset of attack toward life. His contagious spirit leaves a residue you’ll never forget. Buy this book and have that residue rub off on you. You’ll be glad you did.”
    Coach Micheal Burt, Super Coach,
    Amazon Best Selling Author, “Everybody needs Coach in Life”

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