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3 Musts of Energy Keynote

Tim’s a professional speaker who dynamically engages audiences with stories, humor and practical steps to igniting passion. He loves increasing the engagement across organizations by igniting team energy and inspiring enthusiasm to thrive in this gift we call life!

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Some major points of his address are:

  • Winning and abundant mindset.
  • Impacting shareholders by consistently adding value.
  • Passionately engaging life to live fully and love deeply.

There is only one excuse for a speaker’s asking the attention of his audience: he must have either truth or entertainment for them. – Dale Carnegie

Why corporate event planners call us:

  • Your goals in mind.
  • Care for your people.
  • Dynamic keynote address.
  • Stories and humor impart lasting impact.
  • Resonance with audiences of all ages as a millennial entrepreneur.
  • Book, Got Energy? … 3 Musts to Igniting Your Passion!
  • Continuing educational workshops and executive/sales coaching opportunities.

To those blessing me with your audience, thank you! I love seeing the sparkle of dreams
in your eyes, feeling the energy radiating from your soul, hearing you laugh, seeing your
tears and feeling the love flood right back! Blessed to speak globally offering healing and
hope through this message of energy! – Tim Hooper


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3 reviews for “3 Musts of Energy” Keynote

  1. Tim Hooper

    “Awesome job and great stories. Thank you for joining us and speaking to the team. Each
    one of them benefited. Let’s connect and stay in touch!” – Shannon Y.

  2. Tim Hooper

    “Thanks again for the enthusiasm and passion! You have great voice projection,
    and stage presence, and I look forward to watching your future success!” –
    Stacy B.

  3. Tim Hooper

    “I’ve heard Tim speak several times and his energy and motivational spirit is consuming!
    If you need to be motivated, Tim Hooper is the man to call to speak to your group or
    organization. He is one of a kind for sure!” – Myra S.

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