1 of 7 Billion.

You and I can change the world! Yesterday, we discussed having a firm belief in this concept. Like any dream, though, it’s easy to succomb to the “elephant complex.” It’s just such a big idea – changing the world!

Here are some bite-sized actions you all shared: smiling, complimenting, loving, praying, having manners, being polite, giving, etc.

Some have said, “I’ve tried smiling, it didn’t work.”

Wait, don’t discount you! Don’t discount that you’re one of seven billion. Last time I checked, Fibonacci documented “1” as a counting number! You count! If YOU smile, you’re changing the world.

What example do our kids see? If we discount ourselves, they’ll likely discount themselves. Know this! Changing the world starts with believing you can, and realizing that you only control what you do is vital.

Sure it’s going to have ripple effects, but if you were the only change to ever occur, that would be enough. Smile today.

igniting energy…tim



A non-negotiable is something you won’t do! Like turning back, you won’t consider it! You won’t deviate because the option to (fill in the blank) is simply off the table.

Whether personal purity or physical fitness, non-negitiables are boundaries you set for yourself. They keep your energy spent doing your plan instead of pushing on and fighting the boundary.

One of my non-negotiables is not missing my daily run. No matter what, I will run today!

Say your goal is eliminating caffeine from your diet and you’re meeting a friend for “coffee.” Walk in and get a water (with lemons for added health) or decaf. 

Share your non-negotiable in the comments.We save immense energy by eliminiating certain things that cause us mental turmoil everytime we start the “should I/no I shouldn’t” mind game.

What do you want? Eliminate what’s hindering you. Create a non-negotiable! Increase your personal energy and power!

igniting energy…tim