What is Energy?

The most basic elements of physics are often the hardest to explain. Let’s simplify.

Energy is in everything and everyone.

It’s potential (stored up), or kinetic (in motion).

Kinetic energy which is “movement” may be miniscule or gargantuous!

Science defines energy like this, “The ability to do work.” Think of a fire (thermal energy). The bigger and hotter the fire the greater amount of wood can be burned (or the more work can be performed).

Note: a roaring fire can even burn wet wood. The ability to do work is greatly increased.


How’s your energy? Is your passion red hot? Is your fire and fervor for life blazing?

Take inventory today. Consider some possible obstacles that are reducing your fire to a few glimmering coals.

Let’s go on a journey together of exploring some of the best ways to increasing and sustaining your energy!



The world needs your fire! You have the potential of being a force for so much good! A force to be reckoned with!

igniting energy…tim


Power of Believing in People!

Today more than ever, people need someone to believe in them. Everyone has a story, a backround or some past hurt. This is life. Some overcome; others haven’t yet.

Our belief could be the very thing that changes their paradigm. Four of the most powerful words are, “I believe in you!” Stating these words in a heartfelt way may be the defining moment of change in someone’s life!

Belief is a powerful thing. It’s contagious! It may be as simple as a positive affirmation, yet the flame it lights deep down inside can literally take us from a destructive road and set us on the highway of life’s meaning and purpose!

Several have impacted my life in such a way. When I was 12 years old, my mom wrote me a note I’ve never forgotten. The red ink, white paper and shape of characters are banked in memory, but her message of belief in me is etched on the walls of my mind! Another influence was my piano teacher, Christa. She could have screamed, “You’re all thumbs;  you’ll never tickle the ivories!”; instead, she told me how well I conquered the music theory! 

Have you ever been around the person that scrutinizes everybody? How’d they make you feel? Perhaps their own insecurities were being cast on you. These people compare, tear down and don’t take time to empathize with others. On the other hand, there are those who believe the best in people. Sometimes they see the good even when you yourself cannot.

Zig Ziglar said “It’s impossible to consistently behave in a manner inconsistent with how we see ourselves. We can do very few things in a positive way if we feel negative about ourselves.” When you choose to believe in someone, they may very well start believing in themselves and amplify positive behaviours. 

Purpose today to live your life being a change agent for people by believing in them! As long as there is breath in our lungs, we should speak redemption and empowerment to those around us. 

Accept people for who they are and believe the best in them. See the best even when the person themself can’t see it. You’ll change someone’s life.

igniting energy…tim 

Love vs. Cupid.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you know the story of the Valentine’s Day champion, Cupid, didn’t always portray an angelic, chubby child shooting golden arrows of love?

The Romans used the name Cupid to reinvent a Greek god, Eros. In myth, this man-like god would indeed shoot golden arrows of desire, but then he’d shoot leaden arrows of aversion to “play with people’s emotions.”

There’s a lot to any Greek myth, and often some traces of truth can be found.

The evidence is overwhelming that quite often, opposites attract. Oddly enough, these same opposite traits can drive people away from each other. We like their differences but, over time, start expecting the other person to change to be more like us.

There it is – Cupid playing with our emotions!

Whether we’re talking about our spouse, a boyfriend, girlfriend, family member or close friend, when we choose to truly love someone, we love them for the unique and wonderful creation they are.

I’m all for fairy-tale endings and believing and hoping for the best in any relationship. Ladies, I won’t admit this to a room full of guys, but I do enjoy a great Hallmark movie with my girl.

True love, though, is not really what we’ve come to refer to as “falling in love.” Yes, chemistry and sparks can and should happen, but love is a choice.

I choose to love you for who you are! Love is action. Love chooses to look at all that’s good and overlook what’s not.

Love will grow, build and promote the other! Love can’t hate! Love never tears someone down! True love is God-like; as in John 3:16, it’s unconditional.

True love ignites energy and fullness in your soul. Will you be among those who jump out of bed, not waiting for a feeling (or arrow) of love, but instead choosing to greet this day and everyday with love in your heart? 

I guarantee the feeling will follow the choice everytime!

igniting energy…tim

Positive Vibes.

Positive Vibes? Who needs vibes and why? This one word gives the hint that life has greater meaning than mere existence.

If life’s meaning was simply mere existence, then why not walk through it without a single thought of how you’re effecting others.

However, from the time of our creation, we were meant for connection. Connection to our mothers for a good while, then infancy, toddler, adolescent and so on. We were created for connection. Wouldn’t it make sense then to give off positive vibes?

Running by a construction site this morning, I heard the rap tap tap of hammers hard at work. Yet above the rhythm came a worker’s whistling. The dull landscape of a construction site popped to life by one man giving off positive vibes!

Some have been told all their lives that they’re a failure, or they’ve been made to feel like they have no value. 

Shake off the notion that you’re a failure or will never be good enough. Eliminate the need to prove yourself. You are a PERFECT creation of God and He longs for connection with you! People are longing for connection with you.

I’ve met those with a strong faith in God and the belief He created them with a divine purpose. Their decision not to squandor life but to live everyday in connection with Him and others gave them permanent joy. They emitted positive vibes! 

Positive vibes are like signals sent to the brain to mass produce energy! That’s right. You may be a CEO with vibes for thousands, or a construction worker with vibes for your crew. Connect and radiate positive vibes today!

igniting energy…tim 

Attitude of Gratitude.

Quick thought on gratitude because that’s usually how it works.

Somebody does something nice and a grateful thought quickly passes through our minds.

We don’t always express it, or perhaps we don’t know how to express it. Maybe, thankfulness doesn’t come so naturally.

Consider our expecations of “the ideal shopping experience.” Maybe criticizing the weak points of service or finding fault comes easily and we’ve missed an opportunity to thank another human being like a waitress, a store clerk, etc.

If instead we’d nurture an attitude of gratitude and find something to be thankful for, we’d literally change the world. That’s the power of finding the good! You don’t have to, but what if you did. 

Wouldn’t a heartfelt “Thank You” mean the world to you? What about a handwritten note in the mail? Do it for someone else. Text someone right now. Be the source of love, encouragement and gratitude!

With technology, we have no excuse not to show hankfulfulness. Gratitude pent up inside is useless. So:

1) Express it through some medium like a text, handwritten note, phone call, Facebook post, lipstick on the mirror, etc!

2) Be specific in naming what it was someone did for you. 

3) Tell them how it impacted you and made you feel. 

4) Thank them sincerely.

Remeber, this is a choice. Nurture the attitude of gratitude, and form habits of thankful expression! Watch the energy explode when you choose to find good and express it!

igniting energy…tim