The Ross-Pickersgill-Key Relationship.

How do these three names relate? Well, President’s Day was this week and since we’re talking about world changers, it seemed fitting to feature a story containing this theme.

A story of small, consistent, even seemingly insignificant actions that had tremendous, world-changing impact.

I sat contemplating the other night as Jen tediously stitched the final beads on a bridal gown’s bodice.

“Small, consistent actions compound quickly and result in beauty,” I thought, admiring the sparkling beads.

BOOM! That’s when Betsy Ross came to mind. Not a president, yet she was working in her Center of Influence sewing flags for ships when George Washington approached her about a much needed standard for the patriots.

The History Channel reports that Congress had loosely designed the flag, but Ross finalized its brilliance (one of the reasons the stars have five points – not six).

Now, consider Mary Pickersgill who was inspired by Betsy Ross and sewed one of the largest star-spangled banners. Her flag was hoisted atop Fort McHenry where, just outside in the harbor, Francis Scott Key was held hostage aboard a British ship.

During the deadly bombardment of the fort that night in 1812, he watched Mary’s flag “galliantly streaming” as the cannons lit the sky. Deeply inspired,  he penned “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Think of the ball games, ceremonies and grand events you’ve heard opened with our glorious anthem. Did your heart swell up in reverence?

What are you doing today mother, teacher, pastor, doctor, nurse, police officer, business owner? Do the “thread and needles” seem insignificant at times? Don’t be weary in doing well; you’re bound to reap the rewards!

Consistent actions in your Center of Influence will compound greatly! Like Betsy Ross, imagine the enormous ripple effect your actions can have! Let this vision energize you today. Be a world changer!

igniting energy…tim



If we’re not careful, we can catch ourselves thinking outside-in instead of inside-out. That’s right. We want to change the world so we get right to work…

We quickly share the negative political post because, yes, a lot of politics are messed up; and through frustration, our emotions are triggered, and we respond.

We talk about the downfalls or negatives of others instead of looking inside at what we should change. It’s so much easier to “point out” than to “work on.”

Stephen Covey wisely differentiated two catagories of people.

Proactive people focus on their Circle of Influence (things they can change and influence like themselves, their children, their environment, their responses, etc).

Reactive people focus on their Circle of Concern (things they have little-to-no control over like politics, others, the weather, etc).

So, when the next politically-biased post pops up or the gossip-filled text buzzes in, I’m committing to use the emotional trigger to take an inward look and spend my response to text encouragement, or share a positive thought.

Remember the advice to draw a circle around yourself and change everyone in that circle! World changers do this and all the circles their circle touches are better for it!

Simply reacting to life and living in the Circle of Concern drains so much time and energy – sucks it right out of you! Run to the Circle of Influence! Start with you. Change the world from the inside- out!

igniting energy…tim


1 of 7 Billion.

You and I can change the world! Yesterday, we discussed having a firm belief in this concept. Like any dream, though, it’s easy to succomb to the “elephant complex.” It’s just such a big idea – changing the world!

Here are some bite-sized actions you all shared: smiling, complimenting, loving, praying, having manners, being polite, giving, etc.

Some have said, “I’ve tried smiling, it didn’t work.”

Wait, don’t discount you! Don’t discount that you’re one of seven billion. Last time I checked, Fibonacci documented “1” as a counting number! You count! If YOU smile, you’re changing the world.

What example do our kids see? If we discount ourselves, they’ll likely discount themselves. Know this! Changing the world starts with believing you can, and realizing that you only control what you do is vital.

Sure it’s going to have ripple effects, but if you were the only change to ever occur, that would be enough. Smile today.

igniting energy…tim



Think of world-changers for a moment. What good world-changers throughout human history come to your mind? 

People who made a huge impact. People who blessed others with their lives. People who inspired and did incredible things. 

Did they possess something in common? Were they born with titles, or did they get lucky? Did they win the popularity contest or have an easy life? That has to be it: easy life, popularity, titles and luck!

These come no where close. In fact, most world-changers overcame incredible odds and perhaps never possessed a title.

Take George Washington who barely made it out of the French and Indian War alive. Congress almost replaced him as general of the Continental Army at one point, and often, his soldiers were malnourished and ill-equipped. His resolve, perseverence, and nothing short of Divine intervention is why we call ourselves Americans today.

Winston Churchill was almost pronounced a political failure before stepping out of a flawed past to be the unbreakable backbone against horrid Nazism. 

The list could go on. Anne Frank being among this noteworthy tribe said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before improving the world!” Seriously? This unwavering belief from a girl who was killed at the hands of her Nazi captors?

This is the one thing world-changers have in common – unwavering belief. They believed they had a purpose in this world, so they made their life count for others. Trials came and with faith and endurance, they resolved to get stronger through the struggles.

Their unwavering belief that they could change the world drove them to action. We know from some of their journals and history that they prepared, they learned, they tried and failed often, but they always got back up!

These people made a difference. They made the same difference one-on-one as they did for millions. Making history was never their intent; making a difference was. 

Are you making a difference for somebody today? That’s all it takes. A heart to change this world one person at a time. You can start changing the world TODAY and indeed, it’s a wonderful thought! Be a world-changer!

igniting energy…tim