3 Things to Remember About Affirmations

Affirmations are powerful in a couple of ways. Not only do they affirm something – like their name indicates, they can also be used to overcome fear and past hurts, replace negative voices or limiting self talk, and also stretch one’s faith and vision!

Affirmations are fun to create and can be uniquely customized around what you’re going to conquer for the day. Remember three important aspects as you train your mind to affirm your vision and goals:

  • Positive – always write in a positive tone. Instead of writing “There is too much negative in the world, I’ll try not to be negative today,” you can write it like, “Today, I’m turning up the light; my positive vibes are attracting positive people and things.” The absence of negative in your affirmation is teaching your mind what to focus on and what to shut out.
  • Personal – keep them personal. Say them in the first person; they are your affirmations and not just general statements or quotes. Your subconscious mind will listen up when you address yourself; and, the same phenomenal mind can only answer, “Yes!” More on that later.
  • Present – write them and say them in the present tense. That’s right. Put your mind on the lookout for them right away. Also, watch how you start turning doubt to faith. When you say, “I am going to do…” your mind is waiting for a date and time. Without this, there is no decision. When you state, “I am doing…” your mind says, “Oh, I am? … Sure, let me start right away on that…” See the difference? Today, is also a great starter word for an affirmation.

Your affirmations don’t have to be perfect and no one is grading you on this, so let go of those fears. Just start and you’ll get better and bolder as time goes on. What do you have to lose? Take a minute to create and share one in the comments. Here’s mine for today:

“Today, I’m planting good seeds! Every thought, prayer and action WILL be reaped – sometimes immediately; most times at a future date. My life is a field of the best and most fertile soil; I’m the farmer. It’s understanding this irrefutable principle that causes me to plant with more fervor than ever before! I WILL reap if I simply keep planting.”

igniting energy … tim


1 of 7 Billion.

You and I can change the world! Yesterday, we discussed having a firm belief in this concept. Like any dream, though, it’s easy to succomb to the “elephant complex.” It’s just such a big idea – changing the world!

Here are some bite-sized actions you all shared: smiling, complimenting, loving, praying, having manners, being polite, giving, etc.

Some have said, “I’ve tried smiling, it didn’t work.”

Wait, don’t discount you! Don’t discount that you’re one of seven billion. Last time I checked, Fibonacci documented “1” as a counting number! You count! If YOU smile, you’re changing the world.

What example do our kids see? If we discount ourselves, they’ll likely discount themselves. Know this! Changing the world starts with believing you can, and realizing that you only control what you do is vital.

Sure it’s going to have ripple effects, but if you were the only change to ever occur, that would be enough. Smile today.

igniting energy…tim


Time for Football?

Superbowl 51 is here! Who are you rooting for? Patriots? Falcons?

Millions of people will watch two teams battle for this notable, American championship! Living in Germany, football wasn’t even a thing; well, it was – soccer!

Football is so interwoven into American culture and does a ton of good for young people, colleges, team spirit, charities, business, etc. Most Americans will make time to watch football!

We make time for the things that matter to us. Here’s the million dollar question. Do the things that matter to us hold eternal value? 

Last week I visited one of my inner-city kids. He was tossing his football vertically into the air and catching the return.”Junior,” I hollered, “right here!” Within 10 minutes, 20 kids were out playing with us. Simple example, but here were a group of kids just waiting for someone to take time for them!

Eternal value! That’s it! I want to make time in my life for people, for inspiring and encouraging others wherever I’m at. People are eternal beings, so making a difference for somebody is eternal work!

While rooting for your team this weekend, think about who you’re making the time in your life to root for? Eternal purpose stokes your inner energy – guaranteed! Boom!

igniting energy…tim

Excuse Me.

Politeness is a great trait. It’s great for adults, too, not just young people. It’s refreshing to hear a “yes sir,” or “please, go ahead.” Men can still hold the door for a lady – chivalry is not dead.

However, the words we use so often define us and should be chosen carefully. “Excuse me” was a required phrase growing up and definitely has its place.

Have you noticed, though, that some of us can be among the nicest, most polite people and make some of the best excuses? “Excuse me” is so widely accepted, and making excuses has also become so widely accepted.

We live in a society where taking responsibility for one’s choices is no longer mandatory. We spend more time coming up with and giving a great excuse than the assignment would have taken to complete.

Instead of an excuse, how about owning that you didn’t get it done and committing to how and when you will.

We’re all busy, but if something is important to us, we’ll find a way. “I didn’t have time” is a common buzzphrase. Someone once said, “if you have time for TV, you have time.”
Eliminate excuses by taking ownership. There’s nothing wrong with owning you missed the mark. In fact, success starts with owning where you’ve missed the mark.

So, as we elimnate excuses,”I beg your pardon” and “I’m sorry” may be better, more intentional alternatives.

Let’s stop spending energy on excuse creation; instead, let’s make the switch from excuse making to ownership taking!

igniting energy…tim 

Comfortless Zone!

Comfort is good, but not all the time! Comfort won’t change us; it won’t grow us! Getting out of our comfort zones causes us to explore & find new ideas, solutions & yes, rewards. 

So much growth & good is possible if we’ll simply move beyond our comfort zones!

Our brains were created (hardwired) to find safety & comfort. Getting out of our comfort zone often yeilds a “kicking & screaming” reaction!

Verbally affirming what we’re doing is going to grow & better us is a great way to recarve habits of excellence in our minds. Tell yourself, “I look forward to this growth!” Reaffirm, “There is so much good that can happen if I’ll just stretch a little!”

MTSU spring semester starts today. A lot of “getting out of our comfort zones” for a lot of students! I say, “Way to go!”

Reading a book is often not easy to focus on. Getting up early, jumping up to the next set of dumbbells, or adding to the number of prospect calls each day doesn’t always come natural!

There are wonderful things beyond the comfort zone! Let’s get out brains OK with the comfortless zone! Massive energy happens in this zone!

igniting energy…tim